Q:  What can I do to help?

A:  You can join the alum portion of this site.  You can also email me the names and contact info of other '97 alum you keep in touch with.  If you would like to give more help, contact me (Linus - check my contact info on the alum page) about specific activities/areas you want to assist with.

Q: Why can't I upload my own pictures?  Were you just too lazy to build that feature in?

A:  In order to help keep the cost of the reunion low, I am using a free hosting service.  This service has a limit on how big  the website and database can be.  I was worried that people might start uploading large image files which would cause the site to go over this limit.  By having all pictures come through me first, I can shrink the files if need be (and yes, I was being a little lazy).

Q:  I went to the alum page and got the following error: 

Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user 'mwhsreunion_lo'@'' (using password: YES) in /home/www/mwhs1997.awardspace.com/alum.php on line 34
Couldn't connect to MySQL
What is wrong?

The company that hosts the website  has been doing some maintenance to their database servers.  This seems to have caused some intermittent downtimes on their database servers.   If you get this message, try the site later.  The hosting company is actually out of the UK and they sometimes schedule down time during their nights.  Unfortunately, this is the middle of our day.